Mooring "Fitness For Purpose" Assessments

BPP-TECH, in alliance with Welaptega, provides a comprehensive “Fitness for Purpose” evaluation of floating vessel mooring systems. An on-site, detailed quantitative underwater inspection is a critical component for advanced assessments.  
Mooring failure is a Class 1 hazard, the highest rating by the UK Health and Safety Executive.
Operators and asset managers receive quality intelligence on their asset’s mooring condition, providing a factual basis for actions to reduce the risk of failure.
Service failures result from age-related wear and damage from environmental and structural forces. Combine these with unknown manufacturing or installation defects, makes an assesment a logical next step.
Inspection & Analysis
Data are gathered whilst the asset remains operational. Underwater, state of the art, high definition, 3D imaging technologies intelligently targetted at the high-risk sections of the mooring system. Experienced naval architects and mechanical engineers analyse the data and draw practical recommendations.
A comprehensive and clear assessment of the condition of the mooring system is provided. This identifies defects, impact damage, wear, and corrosion including:
  • Most probable failure modes
  • Quantify degraded components
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Establish ‘fitness for purpose’
  • Limiting conditions for the system’s survival
  • System design reassessment based on API, IACS member classification society standards
  • Remaining service life
  • Life extension
highly useable "Fitness for Purpose" report that combines the results of the inspection with the system design, operational and metocean data is produced.
Added Value
  • The report satisfies the demands of certification and regulation bodies whilst also providing ‘Floating Unit Mooring Assessments” (FUMA) for insurers.
  • A recommended inspection regime matching the operator’s requirements, identifying future inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and replacement programs is provided.